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Re: Sarge installer on DEC alpha PWS 500a

Peter Van Rompaey wrote:
> I've downloaded the Sarge installer yesterday, and it ran flawlessly on my
> Digital Personal Worstation 500a, up until the point that it asks me to
> remove the CD in order to boot from harddisk.
> After the reboot, it keeps searching for DKA0 (the CD-drive, which is now
> empty). If I interrupt it, and type "boot dkc0", Debian starts loading and
> then gives a Kernel Panic on the SCSI-driver for the Qlogic ISP1020.
> Anyone got a solution for this?

Just a guess but this could be because alpha uses a 2.4.27 kernel in the
installer, but still appears to install a 2.4.26 kernel package on the
system. Perhaps that older kernel does not work.

see shy jo

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