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Re: [Oldenburg] topics for today's meeting

Here's a the meeting minutes:

Release timeline:

        29 Sep last day for udeb changes for tc2
	       udebs propigated to testing (rc1 breaks)
	30 Sep release tc2 (or give up on the idea)
	       string freeze begins
	       start building full CDs for tc2
	 4 Oct full CDs finish building for tc2, are released
	 7 Oct translation uploads
	       last day to upload fixes to packages on initrds
	 8 Oct initrd builds start for rc2
	21 Oct initrd builds finish (or earlier..)
               last day for uploads of any udebs or debs for rc2
	22 Oct udebs propigated to testing (tc1 breaks)
	       full debian freeze probably starts here
	       final CD builds
	23 Oct testing begins 
		- Should we freeze Debian first? YES
	29 Oct web site updates
	       and rc2 release

	Current blocking issues for tc2:
		- 2.6 red screen of dread? (or errata)
		- finish hppa kernel updates
		- integrate pcmcia resource range patch??
			(worries that this may be too hard to test well)
		- powerpc floppy reorg
		- localization-config (needs to get debs to testing)
	And blocking issues for rc2:
		- subversion holdbacks blocking translations uploads
		- top of TODO
		- new ones should always be added to TODO
		- udebs and debs and udeb source must be synced in sarge
		- should tc2 replace udebs in sarge? images in sarge?
		- what to call tc2? Some suggestions --
			<release date> "limited deployment"


	* branch repo for post-sarge work
		- branch as soon as we freeze all Debian for rc2
		- branch exactly what's in the archive to /branches/sarge
		- unstable development for etch continues on trunk
	* individual plans:
			- remove skolelinux/woody compatability code
			- switch to discover 2 (joeyh)
			- switch to cdebootstrap (joeyh)
			- 2.6 as default kernel on i386 (joeyh)
			- 2.6 floppies on i386 (joeyh)
			- fix pkg-lists names to match images (joeyh)
			- improve udeb dependancies and use fully in pkg-lists
			- consistent indentation of all shell scripts
			  (with a style that minimises size on initrd! :-)
			- drop devfs! (joeyh)
			- improve base-installer kernel robustness (Kamion)
			- improve base-installer progress bar
			  granularity (Kamion)
			- merged/rewritten localechooser (Bubulle)
			- 16 mb installs
			- graphical installer (marcos, kamion)
			- finish partman (anton)
			- handle debian upgrades in partman (anton)
			- fai integration (marcos)
			- cloning from installer system (luther)
			- base-installer test suite (kamion)
			- discover2 (gaudez)
			- hotplug (gaudez, kamion)
			- udev (kamion)
			- use same device names in installer and installed
			  system (kamion)
			- non-linux d-i (jbailey)
			- libc udeb renamed to include version number
			- "vague thoughts of making debian-cd my bitch"
			- moon-buggy udeb (cts@debian)
			- britney and udebs
			- fai disk config files in d-i (holger)
			- low(er) mem (zboob)
			- etch in 2005 (or bust) (jvw)
			- uml for testing d-i (anton)
			- udebs and debs of same name (joeyh, gaudez)
			- post reboot network configuration (kamion)
			- real deb from archdetect udeb (luther)
			- getting rid of hardcoded paths in d-i (kamion)
	* how to keep things working mostly despite all the changes?
	* sarge updates
		- getting needed debs into sarge?
		- and udebs..
		- need daily CD builds again sarge + updates
	* keeping etch d-i working as a sarge installer?
	* security update of kernel in sarge, that changes ABI:
		how to handle this, base-installer change needed
		- need to talk with stable RM, security team

see shy jo

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