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[Oldenburg] topics for today's meeting

We're having a meeting today in Oldenburg at 1 pm to talk about both
immediate release plans and post-sarge d-i stuff. This is just a draft
of some things we might want to cover at the meeting.

Release plans:

	Come up with a draft release timeline, based on this one:
        29 Sep last day for udeb changes for tc2
	       udebs propigated to testing (rc1 breaks)
	30 Sep release tc2 (or give up on the idea)
	       string freeze begins
	 7 Oct translation uploads
	       last day to upload fixes to packages on initrds
	 8 Oct initrd builds start for rc2
	21 Oct initrd builds finish (or earlier..)
               last day for uploads of any udebs or debs for rc2
	22 Oct udebs propigated to testing (tc1 breaks)
	       full debian freeze probably starts here
	       final CD builds
	23 Oct testing begins
	29 Oct web site updates
	       and rc2 release

	Current blocking issues for tc2:
		- 2.6 red screen of death? (or errata)
		- finish hppa kernel updates?
		- integrate pcmcia resource range patch?
	And blocking issues for rc2:
		- top of TODO
		- new ones should always be added to TODO


	* branch repo for post-sarge work
		- when? possibly as soon as we freeze for rc2
	* individual plans:
			- rework lvm setup to allow preseeding lvm installs
			- remove skolelinux/woody compatability code
			- switch to discover 2
			- switch to cdebootstrap
			- 2.6 as default kernel on i386
			- 2.6 floppies on i386
			- fix pkg-lists names to match images
			- improve udeb dependancies and use fully in pkg-lists
			- improve base-installer kernel robustness (Kamion)
			- improve base-installer progress bar
			  granularity (Kamion)
			- merged/rewritten localechooser (Bubulle)
			- 16 mb installs
	* how to keep things working mostly despite all the changes?
	* sarge updates
		- getting needed debs into sarge?
		- and udebs..
	* keeping etch d-i working as a sarge installer

see shy jo

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