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Bug#260227: patch

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> Ognyan Kulev wrote:
> > I guess this applies to Bulgarian's CP1251 too.  Now I see that last 
> > changelog entry is for unstable, not UNRELEASED.
> > It is acceptable for Bulgarian language to revert the CP1251 support in 
> > termwrap.  Then jfbterm will be used.
> That change went in before base-config 2.45 was released, so its changelog
> entry is fine. It did not, however, get into a version of base-config
> that will be going to sarge yet.

All this means that uploading languagechooser 1.32 is not likely until
we are sure that cyrillic-related changes to base-config go into the
sarge version (which is not likely to happen, if I read correctly).

It looks like we need some branching for languagechooser too because
among the entries in its 1.32 UNRELEASED version, I have a change
which is mandatory for Swedish.

Having one sarge branch in order to receive changes that we think are
safe for sarge is thus needed.

Joey, I'm not really safe at creating a branch with SVN. Would you
mind doing it for me by using the tagged 1.31 version (I properly
tagged it before releasing) ? Or if you prefer, just tell me what
exactly must be done for creating such branch ?

Countrychooser probably needs some branching too. I have risky changes
that I want to commit there. A sarge branch should be created from the
release tagged 1.03.

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