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Bug#269734: debian-installer: 3w-9xxx module not autodetected

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Quoting Mika S Marjamäki (mika.marjamaki@movial.fi):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: normal
> I'm trying to install Sarge with daily netboot images on i386 platform.
> I need 3w-9xxx module for my hardware (SATA-RAID-adapter). The module is
> in kernel module udebs but hardware autodetection thinks that it should
> load 3w-xxxx which doesn't work for 3Ware 9000-series adapters.

As a workaround, you can probably go to 2nd console and use "modprobe
3w-9xxx". Then, from the D-I main menu, restart the step which failed.

For helping a better hardware recongnition, can you please post the
output of lspci -n and pspci -v to this bug report ?

Besides this : did you use the Finnish language for the installation ?
If you didn't, considering it would help in debugging the translation,
for sure. If you did, congratulations.....and don't hesitate to report
any error, inconsistency, whatever....

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