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Bug#269737: debian-installer: Kernel modules not included in netboot images

Quoting Mika S Marjamäki (mika.marjamaki@movial.fi):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: important
> I'm trying to use netboot images for PXE-booting the Debian installer on
> i386 hardware.
> The netboot-images don't include any useful kernel modules for using
> e.g. hard disks -- I have to manually download kernel module udebs from
> my debian-mirror and install them manually to make the installer aware
> of them.

Which image did you use ?

If this is a 20040901 build, partman seems to be unable to recognize
hard disks..:-)

Try with the RC1 netboot image, or 20040830 (before partman went

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