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Re: How to install without parted?

On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 11:16:18AM +0200, mzenker@gnotometrics.de wrote:
> I'm really sorry, but I never did that before (didn't even know that
> such a thing is possible), so it would take me more time than I have
> since I am busy with other things also ...

Then you are at the mercy of someone else finding the will to do it.

I can give you instructions though, it is quite easy.

# apt-get install debootstrap 
# debootstrap sid /path/to/your/chroot
# mount -t proc proc /path/to/your/chroot/proc
# chroot /path/to/your/chroot

And there you are rocking in a sid chroot, you can install stuff normally with
apt-get install, in particular you would install subversion, checkout the d-i
tree, go into d-i/installer/build, and follow the instructions for building
d-i images.

Getting the new libparted and corresponding partman in the initrd is a bit
more involved though.


Sven Luther

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