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Bug#269592: Acknowledgement (testing - release candidate 1 netinst CD - debian installer bug report - DHCP error.)


Tried the boot from netinst sequence again to check, and checked the
messages in another virtula termal (term 4) for log...

dhclient log is as follows -

There are 6 DHCPDISCOVER lines and 6 DHCPOFFER lines .... there... it
seems to bind an ip at the end but on term 1, the GUI says that "DHCP
autoconf failed or server slow...."

This time I retried and it seems to continue smoothly. Can the default
wait or attempts for DHCP response be increased so that this loop can
be avoided ?

Seems this is not a bug afterall. Pl. try to increase the wait time. I
now having installed debian without the dhcp conf. have to manually
edit the dhcpconf file which is a hassle :)

Prasad Gadgil

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