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Re: How to contribute

[Jaonary Rabarisoa]
> Especially, I'm very exiting to get Debian in my native language
> which is the "malagasy" - from Madagascar. So what I have to do for
> that?

Well, first you will probably have to get a locale made available for
that language.  Check
<URL:http://www.student.uit.no/~pere/linux/glibc/> for info on how to
do that.  As far as I can see, from the glibc source, there is no such
language supported by glibc today.

The language code is registered in ISO 639,

  Language Name  Language Name  639-2  639-1
  (English)      (French)
  Malagasy       malgache       mlg    mg

> Which tools should I use?  kbabel,gtranslator,poedit...which the
> most user freindly and easy to learn?

It is perhaps not possible to start translating before the locale is
in place.

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