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Re: Debian and Ibm RS6000 7043-150

On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 10:48:24AM +0200, Nicolas Raspail wrote:
> >> For the mkvmlinuz, I've found an old 7043-140 (Prep box, Ram 768 Mo, 2
> >> go hd) and tried to install Debian as it's easier I think, but I got
> >> kernel panic after netbooting the DI vmlinuz-prep.initrd. After some
> >> reading, I need to have 512 Mo max for RAM (if more are present, memory
> >> maps change and the prep loader doesn't work), so I remove some RAM and
> >> now it boots. I can configure the keyboard but it doesn't see my
> >> hardisk. I'm connected with minicom so it seems I can't switch to
> >> another virtual console to see any message. Do you have any idea for the
> >> non detection of my scsi hardisk and card ?
> >
> > Yes, you probably have a sym53c8xx based driver, and it needs the
> > scsi_transport module which Jens mentioned was missing. Jens added it to
> > the
> > modules, but i am waiting for Jens to rebuild a powerpc kernel based on
> > the
> > 2.6.8-5 kernel-source to make a new upload. This should fix this problem.
> >
> > In any case, could you go to console 2, and give us the content of
> > /proc/pci
> > and /proc/bus/pci/devices, so we can confirm that this is it ?
> >
> Can I go to the console 2 when I'm connecting to my box with minicom ? I
> not, I can give you what you need for the moment. I'll wait for your new
> upload

No, but you can go to the menu item "open a shell" or something such at the
bottom of the menu.

Anyway, i will upload the new .udebs today, so they should be in tomorrows

> >> Back to my 7043-150. My box have 1 Go of RAM, so perhaps, I'm having the
> >> same problem. Tomorrow I'll downgrade it to 256 Mo and try the last DI
> >> build to see if I've the same CLAIM failed. If this doesn't work, I'll
> >> try to install debian on my 7043-140 and use the mkvmlinux tip
> >
> > Ok.
> >
> I leave my box with only 256 Mo but I always have the CLAIM failed
> problem. So, as I've no more idea about this probleme, I'll wait your new
> upload of kernel 2.6.8-5 with scsi transport to install my 7043-140 and
> use mkvlinuz to try your tip

Well. There is nothing really i can do about that, i am not familiar with chrp
OFs, so you would probably need to investigate with linux on IBM guys, or
maybe try google to find a previous similar info ? 


Sven Luther

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