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Bug#269559: installation-reports: Multiple problems

On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 08:51:44AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:

>> First boot hanged the machine at hotplug time. Some USB module
>> apparently got automatically blacklisted, second boot worked, but
>> rivafb module fucked up the console. After manual blacklisting,
>> could reach baseconfig.

> May someone looks at this ? More info probably needed.

I'll give a full lspci listing on Friday.

>>  - I didn't get asked which locales should be generated and
>>    /etc/locale.gen didn't contain sensible defaults (was
>>    empty). Debconf was configured with "medium"
>>    priority. "dpkg-reconfigure locales" took care of it, but we
>>    shouldn't assume installers know to do that.

> The generated locale is the one you have chosen when choosing
> language/country.

> This locale is set as the default system locale.

Nope. We chose Portugal as country, US keymap and install procedure in
English. No locale _at_ _all_ was generated (i.e. listed in
/etc/locales.gen), and the default was POSIX.

> Not showing the locales configuration is done on purpose as it would
> be confusing to most users

I think the best would actually be something along the lines of "What
languages do the users of this machine wish to be able to use", and a
list containing language names like "French", "German" to select. Not
going to fight it if the d-i team thinks users will be confused by
that. (Not stepping forward to implement that idea, either.)

> All further changes to this pertain to "dpkg-reconfigure locales"
> which is expected if people have expectations about localization
> which go further than a simple default.

Hmm... I would at least mention it in the install manual,
then. Someone experimented with Unix / GNU/Linux, but not with Debian
wouldn't know about "dpkg-reconfigure".

> Debconf was using "medium" either because you asked it (using the
> expert switch)

It asked me which one should be used, I answered. I used the expert
switch only to get a shell so that I could mount the root and
blacklist rivafb, that is *after* base install. I don't remember
exactly when it asked, maybe it was when it upgraded debconf from the
network after base install from

>>  - Configured X with nv driver, LCD works, but not external
>>    monitor. Usually, X tells me in the log what the native resolution
>>    of the LCD is (DDC?), but not in this case.

> This is a X problem which will not be dealt with by the D-I
> team.....

Sounds consistent. I'll try to get the details and report a bug
against xserver-xfree86.

> Indeed, the D-I team work mostly stops at a base system install (no
> packages selected in tasksel).

Alas, the new user install experience doesn't stop at "no packages
selected in tasksel".


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