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Bug#269559: installation-reports: Multiple problems

> First boot hanged the machine at hotplug time. Some USB module
> apparently got automatically blacklisted, second boot worked, but
> rivafb module fucked up the console. After manual blacklisting, could
> reach baseconfig.

May someone looks at this ? More info probably needed. This is maybe
(the only) part which needs some reassignment in this bug report.

>  - I got only server tasks (WWW server, print server, ...) and
>    localisation tasks, but no desktop task (X Window system, desktop
>    environment, TeX/LaTeX environment, scientific application, C
>    development, python development, ...)

A lot of tasks have been dropped from tasksel. Desktop task is not in
srage currently because of some KDE transition in sarge.

>  - I didn't get asked which locales should be generated and
>    /etc/locale.gen didn't contain sensible defaults (was
>    empty). Debconf was configured with "medium"
>    priority. "dpkg-reconfigure locales" took care of it, but we
>    shouldn't assume installers know to do that.

The generated locale is the one you have chosen when choosing
language/country. Not showing the locales configuration is done on
purpose as it would be confusing to most users

This locale is set as the default system locale.

All further changes to this pertain to "dpkg-reconfigure locales"
which is expected if people have expectations about localization which
go further than a simple default.

Debconf was using "medium" either because you asked it (using the
expert switch) or because some step failed in 1st-stage, which
automatically lowers the priority.

>  - Configured X with nv driver, LCD works, but not external
>    monitor. Usually, X tells me in the log what the native resolution
>    of the LCD is (DDC?), but not in this case.

This is a X problem which will not be dealt with by the D-I team.....

Indeed, the D-I team work mostly stops at a base system install (no
packages selected in tasksel). All further bugs are relevant to the
relevant packages, thankfully. Otherwise, the D-I team should have
1000 members..:-)

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