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Re: Red X saga -- success!!! (up to a point...)

On Wednesday, September 1, 2004, at 04:45 AM, Sven Luther wrote:

Ok, try out :


I have checked the ofonlyboot, boot and root floppies.

I tried this -- the usual 30 seconds or so of floppy noises followed by "Red X" for both the boot and ofonlyboot floppies.

same result - 30 seconds or so or floppy reading then "Red X" for both the boot and ofonlyboot floppies.

I'm going to test the "daily" 2.4 floppies at
then go to bed.

... pause while I go into the other room to try things out ...

Wonder of wonders! It boots and reads the "root" and two drivers floppies! It got as far as finding the network interface card and the CD-rom drive and reading the d-i udebs from the CD. It even tried to run the partitioner, but there it failed to find my hard disk.

Oh well -- too much success in one day is bad for your karma...  (<-8)

We'll work on why it didn't find my hard disk another day. It's almost 4 AM and I'm going to bed!



Here's where I got the successful boot floppy from:

Index of /~luther/d-i/images/daily/powerpc/floppy-2.4

 Name                    Last modified       Size  Description

 Parent Directory        26-Aug-2004 21:35      -
 asian-root.img          01-Sep-2004 21:26   1.1M
 boot.img                01-Sep-2004 21:27   1.4M
 cd-drivers.img          01-Sep-2004 21:27   1.4M
 net-drivers.img         01-Sep-2004 21:27   1.4M
 ofonlyboot.img          01-Sep-2004 21:27   1.4M
 root.img                01-Sep-2004 21:28   1.2M
Apache/1.3.26 Server at people.debian.org Port 80

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