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menu 2.1.15 and fvwm 2.5.10-10 (failed to update-menus)

Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is the right ml for this report.  Appologies if its

Anyway, there's a problem with the /etc/menu-methods/fvwm and
update-menus.  When I install an X app, the /etc/X11/fvwm/menudefs.hook
isn't regenerated.  When I tried running update-menus manually, I got an
error about unexpected character.  I looked at the example in
/usr/share/doc/menu and compared it to the one in /etc/menu-methods, and
it seems the one in /etc uses '\' for multi-line statements and no ';' at
the end of a statement.  While the one in the examples directory doesn't
use '\' and uses ';' to terminate a statement.

So I edited /etc/menu-methods/fvwm to remove the '\' and add ';'.  Running
update-menus again didn't produce any errors and the resulting
/etc/X11/fvwm/menudefs.hook contained all of the X apps that I've
installed.  I don't know if it's /etc/menu-methods/fvwm, or install-menu
at fault.  But they seem to be incompatible.  The versions of the relevent
packages are listed in the subject line.

Let me know if anyone needs more information.

Jimen Ching (WH6BRR)      jching@flex.com     wh6brr@uhm.ampr.org

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