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Create 2.6.7 boot CD

Sorry, was sent to 'debian-devel-announce' based on info in the README, have
since found this mailing list.

Have used "sarge" official business card i386 (20040802) to successfully
open a 2.6 kernel, but due to BIOS problems need to create a boot CD and not
use the hard drive to boot.

I have thoroughly researched the making of boot CD's, and have made
successful 2.4 bootable CD's. Sarge is my first 2.6 kernel that has booted.
My questions are related to modifying Sarge's boot up to get my boot /
rescue CD with 2.6.8-rc1 kernel;

What is the kernel 'rdev'ed with to boot of RAM/CD? (I note that
isolinux.cfg says root=/dev/rd/0 and an rdev /install/26/linuz gives
/dev/sda3.  Also the initrd image only has the two devices, console and ??
which don't seem to link in with the above.) So, what do I need to rdev the
kernel with to get it to work, /dev/ram and /dev/ram1 doesn't seem to work,
even after using mknod /dev/ram etc in the initrd's /dev?

Where is linuxrc (from isolinux.cfg's  init=/linuxrc ) located in
sarge...iso? Can the source be obtained for linuxrc from anywhere on www?

Is Sarge setup with a vanilla kernel using make-kpkg method only, or is it
modified to get it to boot? I will be making a 2.6.8-rc1 kernel for this
boot disk, and shall use make-kpkg. If there are modifications, it kills the
whole idea above.

Some feedback/bug; when running the CD verify from the expert26 config
shell, upon leaving that menu, it loads all modules that it detects. This
occurs even though they may have already been selected in a prior menu.


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