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Re: d-i devcamp 22th to 26th of September in Oldenburg?

Frederik Dannemare wrote:
[ snip ]
> > That list should be a starting point for planning the trip.  Andreas,
> > you need to collect cost estimates from everyone interested in
> > getting their travel covered, and use this to decide who will get
> > their trip funded.
> [ snip ]
> Since I'm no DD and haven't done any directly work on the installer, I 
> will absolutely not ask for any funding. I hope to make the event fit 
> into my schedule, and with a little luck I can borrow my parents car, 
> but what about hotels in that area? Does anybody know of any cheap ones 
> that they can recommend?

The Oldenburg meeting is organized a bit different to what you may
expect. Recommended paraphernalia include a sleeping bag and a
coffee mug. :-)


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