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Re: Hardware recognized, but disks not found during installation

Joey Hess wrote:
Sam Liddicott wrote:
I'm doing a network installation of sarge.

In /var/log/messages of the installation temp ramdisk I see:

user.notice hw-detect: Detected module '3w-xxxx' for '3ware Inc. 3ware 
7000-series ATA-RAID

user.notice hw-detect: Trying to load module '3w-xxxx'

user.notice hw-detect: Missing module '3w-xxxx'.

user.notice hw-detect: Trying to load module (3ware Inc. 3ware 
7000-series ATA-RAID), usb-storage (USB-storage)
Is this during the first hardware detection phase, when the installer is
running from a minimal initrd that does not contain drivers for
or after the second phase, when the installer has loaded all available
components (including scsi-exta-modules, which contains the 3w-xxxx
module) from CD?
Neither, its the first phase from a network install after its loaded loads of udebs
I suspect the former, which makes this a red herring. It's just as
likely that the 3w-xxxx module is not the right one for your hardware,
If I go to the 3ware website to download the source for the module for the Escalade 8006 it gives me the source 3w-xxxx.c, so I am quite sure its the right module.
The module is not on the initrd as you point out.

How should I be installing the scsi-extra-modules via the network install? Or should they have already been detected.
I choose: "Load installer components", "net-retreiver" but scsi-extra-modules doesn't seem to be available there.
or fails to detect your disks, or that there is some other problem.

Send us a full set of logs, please. Preferably in a proper and complete
installation report filed in the bug tracking system.
Well, I would, but I can't install till the 3w-xxxx module is loaded.


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