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Re: release status update

On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 03:11:11PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> I've submitted what I hope will be the final debian-installer build to the
> autobuilders, but it seems that recent dependency breakage in newt will
> cause some of the builds to fail. I hope I can ask the autobuilders to
> retry, but this will likely delay things for a few days.
> At this point it's probably too late to get any changes into udebs in
> the initrds, and there are probably only a few days left to make changes
> to other udebs. Any changes will be synced to testing on a per-udeb
> basis again until we release, so you have to give me a very good reason
> to put in a change.

Please consider including the base-installer 1.01 and the nobootloader 0.17
.udebs i uploaded today. The 1.01 base-installer include a nicer way to handle
powerpc kernels with builtin initrd, and also makes sure that kernel upgraded
after the install will be functional.

The nobootloader change include giving exacter booting instructions for the
powerpc/chrp_pegasos (a thing which could be cloned for other arches without
boot loader but with known boot procedures), as well as add the logic for the
generic case. Ideally, a string change would be needed to tell the user about
the partition in which to find the kernel in the generic case, but this can
wait for after the beta5/rc1 release, but it would look nicer. The string
change is not a sever one though, just adding "on partition ${BOOT}" in the
boot instruction to know where the kernel is.


Sven Luther

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