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Re: missing kernel-config file

I guess he is referring to the initial netboot files, which
consist only of the /initrd.img, /vmlinuz and /initrd.lst or the
'floppy' files which primarily consist of .img files. All can be
openend and viewed without booting them by uncompressing and mounting
them with the '-o loop' option. Filetypes are msdos and ext2. In
some cases this process must be recursively repeated by copying
'initrd.gz' files from the loop mounted images and unzipping and
mounting them as well. I wouldn't be to suprised if the config files
could be found that way.



Google search argument: viewing bootimages

On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 14:35, Toth Szabolcs wrote:
> Hello !
> I'm missing the kernel-config file of the sarge install please put it
> aside the kernel image in the future like by the older release and please
> send it me by mail now I would really need it.
> thanx
> Szabolcs Toth 

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