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Bug#232523: More info needed

> First of all, I don't really see why this bug is tagged as
> "important". It doesn't "have a major effect on the usability of a
> package, without rendering it completely unusable to everyone"....the
> lowmem package has already proven it is indeed usable on most systems.

I believe lowmem was not available when I posted the bug - which was
at beta2-time, and there was no partitioner in beta2, and this meant
that I had to ALT-F2, mount a 3.0 CDROM and copy it from there! All
in order to partition the disk much earlier in the installation
procedure so I could add swap *before* the installation crashed because
24Mb (without swap) was not enough.

However, in beta4, I had no such problem, so it can be closed, as
far as I am concerned. Thanks for getting back about it.


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