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Re: Booting installer on RS/6000 43p-140

Sven Luther wrote:

On Mon, Jul 12, 2004 at 04:04:13PM +0900, Jerome Walter wrote:
Sven Luther wrote:

Still not working on my old Prep.

None of them ?


I get stuck to "Now booting kernel..." with both cd and netboot vmlinuz-prep.initrd.
This is
normal, as the serial console was not activated in the 2.6.7-3 kernel,
which was included in the .udebs only yesterday or even this monring.
This means that starting from tomorrow the netboot image will have it,
and starting from wednesday, it can be used in the netinst iso.

Ok, i won't see it. I am leaving for my only week of holiday this year (i wish i could have been in France, he ;) )

Are you able to netboot ? IF so i could prepare you a custom kernel or
something, and you could send me back the serial log ?

Kernel was netboot'ed as cdrom does not load.

For memory, my machine is a Bull Estrella 300 (Prep Utah PowerStack II Pro4000 to /proc/cpuinfo and has OpenFirmware).

Yep, i have heard of this one. ...

Perhaps in a thread about it, one month ago ;)

 Mmm, it has OpenFirmware ? Enough to
boot the -chrp kernels ? Could you give them a try ?

Last time, it did not work, so i did not try this time either.

Also, we are very interested in getting a prep machine booting on the
-2.6 kernels/d-i, and i would gladly work with you to make that happen.

Same as for the -chrp. And you have no 2.6-prep.initrd ;)

Will see that later, but if it works, i will enjoy updating d-i documentation. As soon as i am back to climatizated office ;)



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