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Re: Help me test new pcmcia-cs

Osamu Aoki wrote:
> Hmmm... Are you going to document this new feature in README.Debian?  
> A bit awkward if one upgrades system and reads some other documentation 
> on hotplug later documenting new setup.

Yes, you're right. I should put it in NEWS.Debian. Maybe in
README.Debian too. Thanks for reminding me.

> Can not we take care better in postinst?
> Minimal change option is as follows:

I've been wary of modifying configuration files but I guess it's not
that dangerous.

> Of course there may be more complicated solution reading HOTPLUG
> configuration.  Well, that is too complicated.  

That would involve parsing /etc/network/interfaces which is quite
complicated to get right as you say.


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