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Re: Minutes of #debian-boot meeting of 20040706 (was: Debian Installer IRCmeeting on Tuesday 07/06 20:00 UTC)

> powerpc
> =======
> In unstable, 2.4 and 2.6 both work fine on newworld pmac. 2.4 oldworld
> pmac is unbootable, but then again it always has been.
> It is reasonable to move for a 2.6 powerpc kernel for sarge, for all
> currently supported architectures, the support for those is
> better, and upstream (that is the linuxppc folk) as well as our own
> kernel powerpc specialist are favoring 2.6 development and bug fix over
> 2.4.

Last night I tried installing both 2.4 and 2.6 on my OldWorld Beige G3.
(using the sarge netinst daily CD from 2004/07/07)  Neither worked, but
for different reasons.

I've sent installation reports to submit@bugs.debian.org but they
haven't yet shown up on the list with a bug number. 

kernel 2.6 died trying to discover disk hardware -- segfaults.

kernel 2.4 died trying to install a kernel -- something about missing
dependencies involving kernel modules package.

> oldworld has a bootloader installer so if you boot it using BootX that
> should theoretically be OK, but there's been zero testing. BootX depends
> on non-free macos 9.

Booting either 2.4 or 2.6 via BootX works just fine, thanks!  I don't
mind giving over a few hundred Mbytes (on a 160 GByte disk!) to MacOS-9
in exchange for a stable boot-loader environment.

> No RC issues, apart possibly from Sven's keymap thing.

Depends on whether you count the two bugs I mentioned above.



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