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Debian Installer IRC meeting on Tuesday 07/06 20:00 UTC

As already pre-announced by Joey Hess in debian-boot, an opened
meeting of the Debian Installer "team" ("team" is very vague here,
everyone can attend of course) will happen on IRC.

Servers: freenode.net (just point your client to irc.debian.org)
Channel: #debian-boot
Time   : Tuesday July 6th, 20:00UTC

Points to be discussed:

1) Preparation of the release of tc2 
  (Test Candidate 2)

The detailed list of possible topics may be found at:


Please edit it according to your wishes by keeping the main meeting
goals (prepare a *release*, not discussing future plans) in mind.

Preparing the meeting

People who plan to attend this meeting, please prepare yourselves
regarding the above points. Open the key bug logs on bugs.debian.org,
write down a list of things you want to see discussed regarding the
above (or not).

Please try to be easy to identify on IRC. Not everyone is able to
remember who are "tbm", "bubulle" and all these nice nicknames.....

This is an opened meeting on a public channel. During the meeting,
please try to be concise and precise. There is a mention of a
moderator....who will only try to keep the meeting on tracks and try
to summarize it afterwards.

The meeting log will be recorded and published in debian-boot.

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