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Re: problems with Sil SATA

Harald Dunkel wrote:

Harald Dunkel wrote:

I don't even get that far. After manually loading sata_sil (using
expert26) the Partition Disks menu still does not show any disks.

I had plugged the SATA cable into the wrong socket, so the
disk became /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sda. But nevertheless
/dev/sdb should be shown in the Partition Disks menu, even
if there is no /dev/sda.

What modules do you have loaded? When I tried using the 6/21 daily build to install to a machine with a Promise TX4 SATA card (only supported by libata), the disks were not automatically detected.

To get d_i to see the partitions, I had to modprobe the SATA driver prior to entering the partition disks menu choice. It might also work if you manually install both the SATA driver and the required SCSI modules (ie: modprobe at least sata_sil *AND* sd_mod for SCSI disk support).

Can someone tell me if libata hardware is supposed to be auto-supported by d_i (ie: should I file a bug report if it doesn't detect supported hardware)?

Charles Steinkuehler

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