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Re: S390 builds broken

Adam Thornton wrote:
> After doing an "svn up" a couple days ago, I can't build images anymore.
> I'm using ftp.us.debian.org as my udeb source.  If I have the following
> in sources.list.udeb.local, I can't retrieve network-console:

Someone got ahead of themselves and added network-console to the
pkg-lists before it has entered the archive (it's in NEW). Normally we
avoid such breakage by waiting for a package to be in unstable before
adding it to pkg-lists.

> I'm a
> little leery of building my own local repository, with the packages I
> build under d-i/packages, because I know I'm not going to be able to
> keep up with the builds for all packages.  Or is that the right thing to
> do, and only create the packages I can't get from the archives?

Just build a network-console udeb and drop it in build/localudebs/

see shy jo

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