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Re: problems with Sil SATA

mebs@szm.sk wrote:

I  have Asus A7N8X-E motherboard with sil SATA and only disk IBM 80GB SATA. I haven´t instaled debian yet. Debian instalating program can´t detedt my disk. where can I get module for my SATA or how can I use newer kernel for instalation or what can I do?

The daily builds have seen my on-board Silicon Image 3112 (I've got an A7N8X-Delux), but you might still run into problems. Depending on your drives, there may be problems with the siimage driver (Seagate drives are apparently the ones to avoid). I think all the problems have been worked out, but you'd need the latest patches from the lkml or linux-ide list. With the most recent posted just a few days ago, you'll probably have to build your own kernel:


You may also find your particular combination of drives/controller revision work OK as-is. With the Debian kernel from recent debian daily builds (5/26 and 6/21) and new Seagate SATA drives (ST3160023AS Firmware Rev: 3.18), my on-board (revision 1) 3112 controller works OK, but using an add-in card with a revision 2 chip causes lots of data corruption.

Charles Steinkuehler

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