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Transfer FILE: vmlinux method 'load' failed 00000300

Hello Debian Install System Team,

My first netboot from Open Firmware on an ibook2 failed.

Getting into OF went fine.
The TFTP of yaboot and yaboot also.
What I see from the tcpdump log, it also fetches vmlinux

Debian GNU/Linux Network boot
Welcome to yaboot version 1.3.6
Enter "help" to get some basic usage information
boot: linux
Please wait, loading kernel...

CLIENT: (macadres) (IP-address)
SERVER: (macadres) (IP-address)
Transfer FILE: vmlinux method 'load' failed 00000300

Can't read Elf e_ident/e_type/e_machine info
boot: (cursor)

The images (vmlinux & initrd.gz ) come from  ~luther/daily
(see my earlier posting for exact URL )

Any hints on what has to be changed for better results?

Geert Stappers

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