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Re: preparing for tc2

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> goes with a release. We're currently 75% of the way through such a
> release cycle for rc1, past the string freeze, past a lot of testing and


That is partly true. For instance, if the netcfg joshk uploaded
yesterday is due to be pushed into testing, it needs a mini string
freeze. And I would be quite unhappy if this version with only 4-5
languages complete is the released version.

Same happens for the few packages that had string changes since early
June  (such as mdcfg, IIRC, as well as a few others), see seppy's

We also have this nasty line drawing problem which seems to have come
kack again into sarge_d-i (I'm currently trying to confirm this
definitely, but I have less time to give to d-i these days)

But, well, as I said, I perfectly understand if the new
languagechooser/countrychooser scheme does not enter testing : we
can't change the release plans each days.

At this time and not knwoing about possible 2.6.7 kernel, keeping the
"old" languagechooser has the following consequences:

-line drawing problems for most languages (or maybe only
English...needs confirmation) in 2nd stage for 2.6 kernels

-no possible correct BiDi display on 2nd stage

Both not release critical, for sure (maybe the first one....)

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