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Re: preparing for tc2

Christian Perrier wrote:
> It seems that a quite large agreement is achieved about the new
> languagechooser/countrychooser scheme. having it in tc2 would seem to
> be a very important improvement, and is also needed for BiDi support
> in 2nd stage.
> This is not strictly release critical and I still remember we both
> agreed to postpone these after rc1 (so, after tc2) at the end of
> Debconf.
> However, lot of time passed since then....and I tested this stuff
> nearly daily, always changing languages here and there (I even have
> now a framework for testing netboot images and possibly find nasty
> crash bugs like the one you found for Arabic).
> So, I think I need to convince you that pushing
> languagechooser/countrychooser/lowmem (the 3 are needed in the same
> time) to testing will be an enhancement and NOT introducing new bugs
> like it may have been in the past.
> Oh, and while I'm at it, choose-mirror, if pushed to testing needs
> either a solid review of the code in sort-countries....or commenting
> this script temporarily if unsure (thus needing a new upload). BTW,
> this script can be "set -e".
> tc2 needs of course a small string freeze. I would say that 3-4 days
> may be enough as long as a one-week delay for warning translators
> before the freeze is allowed. A string freeze over a week-end is
> better (say, from a Thursday 18:00 up to a Sunday 18:00 UTC)

The final paragraph is telling. You're proposing that we open testing
back up to non-release critical fixes, and yes, this will in fact mean
throwing away all the work we've done on tc1, and will entail a new
string freeze, a new round of fixes and testing, and everything that
goes with a release. We're currently 75% of the way through such a
release cycle for rc1, past the string freeze, past a lot of testing and
with a good idea of what major problems remain, and I don't see any
compelling reason to throw that away.

see shy jo

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