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preparing for tc2

Several fixes have gone into testing, but I still have these issues listed as
important and unresolved in testing:

 - some broken m68k images (fix: mke2fs fix needed; UNKNOWN)
   It's worrying that nobosy seems to know what to do about this.
   Can someonme check if just rebuilding the images using the rc1 branch
   happens to avoid the problem? Maybe we'll get lucky..
 - broken sparc64 module loading (fix: busybox-cvs 20040415-3)

   The buybox-cvs fix cannot go in until we've dealt with netcfg. Either we
   update netcfg, or we need a newer busybox-cvs that turns udhcp back
   on to avoid breaking the netcfg in testing. I plan to do the latter
   by a NMU soon, if nothing else is done.

 - mips Installs on r4k-ip22 needs 36 mb ram (fix: unknown -- new
   If it's the new glibc, then just rebuilding the images using the rc1
   branch should fix these problems. Can someone check this?

 - broken ataraid and ida support (fix: libdebian-installer

   I've asked James to put this in, and he hopes to do so soon, it's
   complicated by this being a t-p-u upload.

It's been a month since tc1, and we've not changed much in testing since
then. I've tried to track release critical issues, and get the fixes
into testing, but maybe I've missed some, so if you know of any serious
d-i bugs that have been fixed in the past month, especially in the past
2 weeks, check if they're fixed in testing, and if not please tell me.

My plans for tc2 are to wait for the libdebian-installer and busybox
fixes to reach testing (this will take a few days), and then do another
official d-i images build on the autobuilders. That build will then be
blessed as tc2, and we'll have another round of testing to see if it's
finally in a releasable state.

see shy jo

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