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Re: D-I unable to boot on HP ZX6000 itanium workstation


My pb is even before the installation, I'm not able to boot on the
installation CD.

EFI is giving me the following messages :

LOADING "bootable cd"
STARTING "bootable cd"

then the workstation stay stuck and the system led blink red.

the only thing I can do is power off/on the server.

for now I did my install using the linux enablement kit but I will be glad
to test any new version of d-i.
let me know when you need some testing.



Jim Lieb <lieb@wildopensource.com> on 06/29/2004 17:30:27


Subject:    Re: D-I unable to boot on HP ZX6000 itanium workstation

On Tuesday 29 June 2004 08:40, thierry.bourrillon-ext@areva-td.com
> Hi All,
> I tried to install sarge on a HP ZX6000 IA64 workstation using beta-4
> and some daily builds (eg 20040628) sarge-ia64-netinst.iso.
> so far I'm not able to boot onto the CD.
> Are there any special tricks to make it work ?
> I'm able to boot onto the "HP Enablement Kit for Linux CD" so it
> seems like there is something wrong with  sarge-ia64-netinst.iso
> image.
> I would be really interested in feedback / hints from anybody who
> already succeded in installing sarge on ZX6000.
> Regards
> -Thierry
  The beta4 does not install properly.  I would take a first guess in
that the elilo-installer (the last step before reboot) doesn't work.
We are in the process of fixing the ia-64 install problems and the
(soon to be) latest spin of the netinst.iso has my fix for elilo.
There are more patches coming as we fix/add support for the
EFI partition required by the zx6000 firmware.  Btw, I am doing
my development/testing on a rx2600.  Help is on the way...

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