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Device Drivers & Loopback device

I'm trying to install Debian Woody 3.0 r2 from CD-ROMs on a rather old system, i386 architecture. When I got to the device driver screen, I chose to install the drivers from the CD-ROM 1 because it found the drivers there.

It was on the "Installing drivers from /instmnt/dists/woody/long_path_name/drivers.tgz..." screen for a while, so I switched to the third console where the message log is.

The last entries were "loop: can't get info on device" and "dev/loop0: no such device or address".

df said the disk wasn't being written to, so nothing was actually happening.

Somebody on debianhelp.org said the loopback device doesn't usually cause problems. I was wondering if I should load drivers from a floppy because my machine is really old.

Research concludes that the loopback device is used to mount CD-ROMs. Could my old CD-ROM drive be at fault? linuxhelp.net says the loopback device is usually installed in the kernel, but not always. How do I tell Debian to use the loopback device thing?

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