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Re: Hacking on d-i

Andrew Pollock wrote:

On Sun, Jun 27, 2004 at 01:00:32PM +0800, John Summerfield wrote:
I'd like to make a few minor changes for my own use - specify my local mirror, maybe partition layout and such.

I started out by unpacking the initrd to see what's in it, and was pretty happy to see debian-installer is a shell script: there's almost no limit to the magic one can do there on a good day:-)

There's no clue there as to what to do, but I did try the alternative f/e (bogl) and discovered it does nothing useful.

A bit of finding and grepping and I discovered where the list of mirrors is. I've _not_ found a sensible way to change that list, nor to specify my preferred value in any kind of configuration file.

Next, I went looking for the d-i home page. I tried www.debian.org/debian-installer - no, not there. Finally, Google gave up some clues and I finished up at https://alioth.debian.org/projects/d-i/

Have you been to http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer ?

No, my searches didn't show that one. I was looking for pages including the term "home page" and that one doesn't.

There, I find "This project has no visible documents ."
No subprojects have been set up, or you cannot view them.

What you need to do is checkout a copy of the d-i subversion repository.

See http://www.nl.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/svn

Well I don't have subversion, but I saw this link:
daily subversion repository tarball <http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/svn/svnrepo.tar.gz>

It points to an empty compressed tarball:
summer@Dolphin:~$ lynx -head -dump http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/svn/svnrepo.tar.gz
HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 10:24:26 GMT
Content-Length: 45
Content-Type: application/x-tar
Server: Apache/1.3.26 (Unix) Debian GNU/Linux PHP/4.1.2 mod_ssl/2.8.9 OpenSSL/0
Last-Modified: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 11:14:02 GMT
ETag: "9180d1-2d-40dd5a7a"
Content-Encoding: gzip
Via: 1.1 netcache (NetCache NetApp/5.5R4D2)

I'm on dialup, I was hoping to estimate what my download time would be.

I have a machine on ADSL I can hack on, but it runs woody and must stay on woody.

There's a lot of documentation, some of it quite enlightening within a
directory of the source tree.

I've read some of the docs: so far what I've seen is more involved than I'd hoped for,

btw The faq has wrong info on Anaconda: Anaconda is multiplatform - hands _all_ the kit IBM sells including IA64 and AMD-64 machines. Does network installs (and boots) - I've done them many times. Gives you a GUI installer if you want, even on S/390. Gives both text-based and GUI options. In 2000 it supported installing on Sun and Alpha hardware.

I'm still reading....



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