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Hacking on d-i

I'd like to make a few minor changes for my own use - specify my local mirror, maybe partition layout and such.

I started out by unpacking the initrd to see what's in it, and was pretty happy to see debian-installer is a shell script: there's almost no limit to the magic one can do there on a good day:-)

There's no clue there as to what to do, but I did try the alternative f/e (bogl) and discovered it does nothing useful.

A bit of finding and grepping and I discovered where the list of mirrors is. I've _not_ found a sensible way to change that list, nor to specify my preferred value in any kind of configuration file.

Next, I went looking for the d-i home page. I tried www.debian.org/debian-installer - no, not there. Finally, Google gave up some clues and I finished up at https://alioth.debian.org/projects/d-i/

There, I find "This project has no visible documents ."
No subprojects have been set up, or you cannot view them.

The question: where is the information I need to change the mirror to be chosen, specify any initial defaults I need?

btw My browser doesn't like the certificate from this site, its issuer is unknown.



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