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Re: Proposal for completing the builds web page

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Now that Joey pointed me to recent changes in the main d-i page, I
> think that one is clear enough and no major change is needed to it.
> The daily builds page may be completed, though and this is the place
> we can intriduce Vince McIntyre suggestions I received last week-end
> and talked about at the d-i meeting.
> So, I rewrote the builds page.
> See http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/d-i/builds.htm for looking at
> what I propose for this page.
> I tried to make to difference between sarge_d-i and sid_d-i clearer
> and give pointers to both...
> I also included the test method proposed by Vince.
> Please comment.

There are some typos. Other than that, one problem is that it doesn't
really talk about anything other than CD images.

see shy jo

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