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Bug#255984: minor comments on debian-installer

Ben Pfaff wrote:
> Configuring the network via DHCP only seemed to happen properly
> if it worked the first time.  That is, if, say, the network cable
> was disconnected at first and I connected it then told it to
> retry, it appeared to not bother retrying and simply proceeded
> immediately to the next screen.

This is a case of the dhcp server keeping running while the message is
displayed, and getting a lease before you tell it to retry. I'll
reassign this report to netcfg since the other issues are known. 

I understand that the main cause of this, dhcp taking just a bit over 10
seconds to get a lease sometimes, has been worked around by making it
try for up to 20 seconds for a lease. But you seem to have found a
different way to get the problem: start with cable unplugged, plug it in
at the retry screen, it gets a lease, and does not appear to retry when
you tell it to.

I feel that this is an UI issue, and the best way around it may involve
doing something with the UI that is not strictly speaking telling the
truth, but makes the user understand what's going on. I think netcfg
should detect this case, and instead of just continuing with no feedback
when asked to retry and a lease has been gotten in the meantime, it
could put up the progress bar for 2 seconds, either with a (misleading)
display saying it was scanning for dhcp, or with a more truthful text
saying that dhcp configuration succeeded.

> When I used `linux26' without any boot options, switching from
> console 1 and back during install corrupted the screen to the
> extent that I couldn't complete the install and had to restart.

Known errata item, fixed post beta 4.

> The initial reboot ran ext3 recovery, suggesting that the root
> partition didn't get cleanly unmounted by the install.

#254027 and it's not that simple, noone seems to know why this happens.

see shy jo

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