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Re: Hardware support missing : which package assign bugs to?

Am Mit, den 23.06.2004 schrieb Christian Perrier um 6:42:
> The subject says it all. When someone reports some hardware being
> unsupported, and given (s)he gives uses the output of "lspci -v",
> which package should we assign the bug report to?

It depends.
> discover-data?
If the hardware is supported by linux in general and the kernel module
is present in an udeb, teh report should go to discover1-data (and
probably discover-data, but this is currently not used in
Please make sure that the reports the output of lspci -v AND lspci -n
AND the correct name of the kernel module to load (for kernel 2.4). 

If the hardware is unsupported by the debian kernel or there is no udeb
containing this module the report should go to the kernel or the
linux-kernel-di-* package.


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