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Bug#255388: debian installer not install LG HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4480B

This time I tried with this iso file:
Unfortunately, things went worse.
Now, beyond the previous cdrw/dvd problem, at another machine, a PII (I am 
trying at 2 machines, one Athlon and one PII) the installer did not detected 
agp bridge:
Missing modules:
agpgart (Intel corporation 440LX/EX-82443LX/EX host bridge)

Should I open a new report for this problem with this d-i Sid version?

For the two machines the cdrom detection went bad again.
Weird, the menu phase "cd-rom detection" show success, telling that the disc 
inserted is the one expected, displaying its label.
But at one of the consoles, the cd-detect exited with status 2.
And all those preiously reported ide-xxx modules still missing.

At some point into the d-i docs, I read that the installer uses a cd-rom 
library that not relies on the "normal" ones, running almost always on any 

Both motherboards installed and are (heavy) running Conectiva Linux v9.0 for 
more than a year flawlessly.
The Athlon MB is Asus, and the PII MB is Soyo.
I hope this could help.

Andre Felipe Machado

PS.: how could I vote for another splash screen logo  ( 
http://people.debian.org/~joshk/d-i-logos/a.png ) listed on the page?

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