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SATA support (was: Re: Summary do D-I IRC meeting 20040619)

Quoting Brian May (bam@debian.org):

> I submitted a bug report #252211 concerning SATA support (as well as
> screen corruption when changing consoles), and I also see bug report
> #254071 which looks similar. So far I haven't got any response.

D-i team is a bit crowded with install reports and there is few
manpower for dealing with them, unfortunately.

> Bug report #254071 says it should work with the 2.4.x kernel, I didn't
> test 2.4.x because I though something relatively new like SATA would
> require 2.6.x, I may have been mistaken...

Can you check again with
http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/sid_d-i/i386/current/sarge-i386-netinst.iso ;?

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