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Re: Summary do D-I IRC meeting 20040619

On Sun, Jun 20, 2004 at 02:45:27PM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:

>  D) broken support for 100 gb partitions on i386 (fix: base-installer 0.083)
>     PUSHED by Martin

> Martin Michlmayr point to the bug reporter : Dan C <001@neoflux.net>
> We need asking him to confirm if fixed in sid_d-i

> Peter de Shrijver has the machine but cannot erase its disk...

>  E) the above problem seems to affect nearly any size partitions on alpha
>     and probably other 64 bit systems (workaround: base-installer 0.083;
>     also needs *-installer fixes)
>     WHICH -installer need to be corrected and pushed?

> Someone needs to care about this and interact with 64bit systems
> people.
> No candidate found..

The latest netboot test I did showed no problems.  I was pointing at
testing, so this problem is fixed (as expected) for affected 64-bit
systems in base-installer 0.084 at least.

The aboot-installer package does not suffer from this bug (at least not
at RC severity) because it uses the base system df, not the busybox df.

Once aboot-installer 0.0.11 makes it into testing, and any other
out-of-date udebs are synced up, I believe alpha will be ready for TC2.
I also want to get d-i using 2.4.26 instead of 2.4.25 on alpha, now that
both are in testing; I'll make the switch tomorrow, and once
aboot-installer is in, start pounding on sarge_d-i.

> Discussion about new languagechooser. Several people push for getting
> it in tc2 (a few minor non blocking points raised by Martin Krafft). I
> mention that an earlier agreement with Joey at Debconf was avoiding
> pushing it in the next release unless enough tested. The current
> delays have helped in testing it properly, so maybe we can re-discuss
> this with Joey.
> Pushing languagechooser needs pushing countrychooser and lowmem at the
> same time

Does lowmem need to go in at the same time, or just before?

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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