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Bug#255367: debian-installer: missing pptp-linux prevent adsl users in some countries to get internet access with netinstall iso

Alle 14:58, domenica 20 giugno 2004, Christoph Wegscheider ha scritto:
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: wishlist
> In Austria and AFAIK in some other countries too, the only possibility
> to connect over ADSL is pptp, provided in the pptp-linux package.

In Italy most DSL use ppp over atm, common bundle usb modems are supported by 
many debian/unstable packages moslty pppd version >= 2.4.2 with pppoatm.so 
plugin and the right kernel module.

The bad thing is that every single modem requires, other than a compile match 
with the installer kernel, an external closed firmware, that I think cannot 
be included in d-i but it can be downloaded by the user in some way after the 
link is up!

I can collect some URLs of these firmwares, but I dont know right now what are 
missing from current d-i in order to use ppp with the right plugin (moslty 
because I have swithced to another provider that provides closed external DSL 

Then the d-i could print the URL pointing to the firmware that should be made 
available in some way during the net-discovering.

> Without this package on the sarge netinst iso (looked at testcandidate
> 1) it is not possible to get connected to the internet, which would make
> the netinst iso useless for such users.

Same here, but it seems a bit more complex.
Marco Amadori <elessar@dei.unipd.it>

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