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Bug#255367: debian-installer: missing pptp-linux prevent adsl users in some countries to get internet access with netinstall iso

Package: debian-installer
Severity: wishlist

> > In Austria and AFAIK in some other countries too, the only possibility
> > to connect over ADSL is pptp, provided in the pptp-linux package.
> In Italy most DSL use ppp over atm, common bundle usb modems are supported by 
> many debian/unstable packages moslty pppd version >= 2.4.2 with pppoatm.so 
> plugin and the right kernel module.
I havn't any experience with USB modems here, but without pptp-linux it
is also impossible to connect to the internet with ethernet modems.

> The bad thing is that every single modem requires, other than a compile match 
> with the installer kernel, an external closed firmware, that I think cannot 
> be included in d-i but it can be downloaded by the user in some way after the 
> link is up!
I consider it as common knowledge that USB modems might be tricky to
setup in linux. IMHO It is also common knowledge that ethernet modems
works in linux without problems. Which is true (in Austria and maybe in
some other countries too) only if pptp-linux is available. 

What I mean is if you have an usb modem you can reckon some
difficulties but if you have an ethernet modem it should just work.

To download the needing packages after an install wich prevents you to connect to the internet is IMO no option regardless of the modem type.

> I can collect some URLs of these firmwares, but I dont know right now what are 
> missing from current d-i in order to use ppp with the right plugin (moslty 
> because I have swithced to another provider that provides closed external DSL 
> router).
> Then the d-i could print the URL pointing to the firmware that should be made 
> available in some way during the net-discovering.
good idea I think

> > Without this package on the sarge netinst iso (looked at testcandidate
> > 1) it is not possible to get connected to the internet, which would make
> > the netinst iso useless for such users.
> Same here, but it seems a bit more complex.
Therefore I would consider to open a new whishlist bug for it.


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