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Bug#255169: installation report: SGI Indigo2 (r4k IP22)

Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> wrote:

>> Well, the firmware has no problem with booting from arbitrary
>> partitions, so a separate /boot makes little sense, and arcboot
>> doesn't support it. This should be documented better.
> Does arcboot not support it, or arcboot-installer?

arcboot needs to find both the kernel to boot and an /etc/arcboot.conf
file on the same partition. So I'd say that arcboot basically supports
booting from a separate /boot partition, as long as you provide

Maybe the solution would be to copy the arcboot.conf into the volhdr,
along with arcboot itself, although I don't how complex it would be to
implement. (sure, you'll have to copy it over when you modify it...)


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