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Re: LDAP-based authentication with the d-i?

Il ven, 2004-06-18 alle 06:58, Christian Perrier ha scritto:
> Well, I'm not sure this is the purpose of d-i. All neeed stuff for
> LDAP-based authentication is made of packages outside the base system,

I know this is not a valid assertion, but others distributions do this.
When I install debian-based workstations, I always setup an LDAP server
to centralize the account management, and I think the possibility to
setup automatically this feature on client machine directly in the
installer would be very useful.

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
> As far as I know, this is not currently possible to do using the
> installation methods in d-i.
> I would very much like to have this as well.  We do this using config
> file rewrites in debian-edu, but would rather use debconf preseeding.

Can it be done? So, can I implement it in d-i?
Or better, would be useful if I try to implement it? 

Yes, I know that 90% of users don't use LDAP-based authentication, but
IMHO this can be a very very important feature for a quick setup of a
large debian-based workstation network...

As I said, other distributions do this and I think there is a valid
motivation for it. How many possibilities I have to convince the d-i
team to introduce LDAP autoconfiguration? :)


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