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Bug#254919: your mail

tags 239111 + patch
tags 246111 + patch
tags 243835 + patch

> 4. When grub installs, it displays a notice that it may take a long
>    time in text mode. I think this should also be displayed by d-i
>    so as to not confuse users.
> 5. Grub actually doesn't install. It hangs at 50% of 'grub-install
>    (hd0)'. The console says it's probing BIOS drives. And it has
>    been for 20 minutes...
>    NOTE: This seems to be related to XFS and is a known bug in Grub.
>    Killing grub-install from the console and restarting it from the
>    menu does the trick.

The following patch seems to fix this by calling sync just before
invoking the grub shell:

--- grub-install.orig   2004-06-17 23:05:52.000000000 +0200
+++ grub-install        2004-06-17 23:11:20.000000000 +0200
@@ -446,6 +446,10 @@
 # Create a safe temporary file.
 test -n "$mklog" && log_file=`$mklog`
+# Sync the filesystem to help XFS (and possibly others) to find the
+# stageX files (see Debian bugs #239111, #246111, #243835)
 # Now perform the installation.
 $grub_shell --batch $no_floppy --device-map=$device_map <<EOF >$log_file
 root $root_drive


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