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Bug#252995: Serial-ATA (Via) + 2.4 => problematic; 2.6 ok.

OK, first of: I meant 2.4.27-pre5 not rc2. I mixed up a few releases.

Second, I tried to figure out why my via chipset didn't get recognised so I 
installed a 2.4.26 kernel-image. It does recognise the PATA part of the 
chipset, but not the SATA part. It panics after finding the dvd-player.

I installed the kernel-source-2.4.26 package to see if making my own kernel 
would solve the problem. I used the config from the 2.4.26 kernel-image. It has 
the correct support for the via chipset enabled as a module by default but 
somehow it doesn't get loaded. Compiling it in staticaly doesn't help either.

I tried a kernel.org 2.4.26 + 2.4.27-pre5 patch and that paniced too, but this 
time on ACPI. I'll try to fix that and look into the SATA-problem later this 

Last, I forgot one small issue I had with the LVM-support. For some reason it 
wants to check the cdrom for LVM-volumes, multiple times. I got 4 lines saying 
something like 'checking cdrom'.
A bit weird and it makes up for most of the delay in detecting all LVM-volumes.
Maybe the default config can enable the skip-the-cdrom option?


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