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Re: Google

On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 13:16, GJL wrote:
> Why is your web page coming up on my computer when the location bar says
> Google.com??

Which web-page? We only have one central one:


It would be good if you read a bit about what and who we are.

Mainly you have not patched your system from: 


Microsoft has issued several thousand security updates for your machine.
I suggest you wander over there.

They(the real people sending the mail) are using the second oldest trick
in the book. You click on something from someone you do not know and
*THEY* installed something to zombie out your computer.

> Why did you HACK into my computer and install thus GNU/Linux stuff??
Once again, you seem to not understand, we do not even care about
WINDOWS. Sure we have to deal with from an Enterprise perspective. We
did not install anything on your machine. I you clicked on something
from someone you do not know and you do not have a GOOD UP-TO-DATE
Antivirus software you have given the keys to the someone that sent you
that e-mail.

BTW, If you machine is still booting to Windows, GNU/Linux is not

> We have no idea what this is all about and DO NOT CARE.

If you cared a bit more and had a bit better judgment, you would not be
in this predicament. You would be wise to stop spouting off to people
that really COULD if we cared to (which we don't) make your machine cry,
or help you repair it.

> How do we get our computer back from this intrusion and illegal
> installation??

YOU are the one that was asked to install something, YOU are the one
that opened the E-Mail, YOU ARE THE ONE RESPONSIBLE.

Also, one last tidbit of info, you may find interesting, is that
Spammers and Virus writers are working together right now. That means
They are using stupid sheeple like yourself whom are very naive about
the Internet, to do the bidding they want. Especially if you have a
broadband connection. Also, the best way to tell if WE (The Debian
Installer developers, which you have to boot from inorder to install
from it) take a look at the FULL e-mail, headers and all.

If something like: "Envelope-to: gjlx@cox.net"
it was probably sent by a "Bulk Mailer/SPammer"

Good day and Good luck. If you would like HELP recovering from this, I
suggest you ASK nicely. As we are fully capable to help you out. And we
do so for many others, similar to you. Usually we ignore people like
you, because you come in and have NO CLUE as to what has happened to
your machine. Once again: Ask Nicely, or Don't ask at all.

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