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Re: How much mem is low, exactly?

sferriol wrote:
> i have changed anna to enable the user to select what he wants.
> and anna only download the selected packages (and dependencies too)
> the current status is:
> - i succeed to install in 24Mb (i select plip+partman-auto)
> - i do not test with lesser memory (because i use plip for testing and i 
> currently can not use it, but this will be resolved in few hours)
> - of course, the memory depends on which packages you have selected
> - there is not enough time to include this patch for release rc1, so 
> according with joey, i will create specific images for very lowmem PCs

There's a life after rc1, d-i development won't suddenly stop then. :-)

> i will send you the patch on the list , if someone wants to test it ;)

Please do so.


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