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Re: m68k vs. d-i tc1 -- bummer, help needed

Stephen R Marenka wrote:
> Well on my autobuilders buildd has sudo rights. I don't know if this is
> still policy everywhere or just a holdover. I can switch to a dd, mke2fs
> scheme, at least for the initrd's destined for 2.2 kernels. I think we're
> getting out-of-scope for a binNMU though.
> What would you prefer?

I doubt that requiring root on the autobuilders is workable.
I'm mostly worried about continued maintenance. It's fine if you do a
bin-NMU for this, but what if I have to release a new version and you're
not available?

Is it possible that the recent fixes in genext2fs led to this problem on
m68k? Or did we just get very unlucky?

see shy jo

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